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TCI Motorized Screens™

We feel Motorized Screens are one of the fastest growing and most under developed markets. This product will truly change the way your customer views their outdoor living space. With the click of a button your customer can transform their outdoor living space from a hot, insect-filled, muggy environment to a cool bug-free environment while maintaining the view they paid for and the desired fresh breeze.

Mounting Options:

  • Flush Mount: installed flush to the wall.
  • Trapped Mount: installed in a restricted opening.
  • Recessed Mount: installed with side rails or hood concealed in a wall, ceiling or other architectural feature

Electronic Options:

  • Remote Transmitters
  • Hard Wire Options
  • Receivers
  • Home and Business Automation
  • Built-in receiver
  • Option of manual override or non-manual override 
  • Industry leading lifting capacities
  • Super silent motors
  • Exceptional warranties

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