Bahama Shutters

The Eyewall Armor® FullView™ and TC-UltraView™ Bahama Shutters surpass Florida Building Code HVHZ & non-HVHZ requirements and IBC/IRC ASTM Standard requirements, which are the most rigid in the nation. The Eyewall Armor® FullView™ and TC-UltraView™ Bahamas have Florida Building Code HVHZ/non-HVHZ approvals for all regions, as well as the Texas Department of Insurance evaluation reports. Unlike conventional Bahama Shutters, the Eyewall Armor® FullView™ and TC-UltraView™ Bahama Shutters employ articulating louvers that offer the best outward views, with the ability to close and prohibit large volumes of air from pressurizing the structure. Since Eyewall Armor® FullView™ and TC-UltraView™ Bahama Shutters are permanently affixed to your home or business, they require no storage space. The FullView™ utilizes a traditional 2” louver design and has the best outward view of any traditional Bahama. The TC-UltraView™ Bahama utilizes a 4” louver virtually doubling the outward view while decreasing energy costs and improving your homes asthetics.

Technical Information

  • 53.5" clear single spans
  • 38" clear multiple or mulled spans
  • Articulating louvers (no backing required)
  • Easy to operate and adjust
  • Fully-tested to A.S.T.M. E1886-E1996 and TAS 201-202-203
  • 9-lb. Large missile impact resistant
  • Almost 2" between articulating louvers on FullView™ and almost 4" on TC-Ultra View™
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Unobstructed airflow in the open position
  • Variable adjustments (fully-shut to wide-open)
  • Convenient light, ventilation and privacy control
  • Increased property value
  • Professional in-house customer service and technical support
  • Patented

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