Warehouse Manager

With the vast amount of products that Town & Country supplies to our customers, many Town & Country branches require an additional member of management to maintain the product inventory levels, accuracy and timeliness of deliveries, product storage and general warehouse maintenance.  A warehouse manager works closely with the branch manager to ensure that the functions of the warehouse and delivery system continuously operate safely and efficiently.


While the branch manager may assign certain duties to the warehouse manager, many of their main responsibilities and daily duties remain the same across all branches.  Some of these responsibilities required to keep things running smoothly and efficiently include:

  • Ensuring warehouse and delivery associates work safely
  • Ensuring the protection of Town & Country's product, equipment and property
  • Monitoring and maintaining proper product and inventory levels
  • Maintaining the practice of accurate and timely deliveries
  • Adhering to all general forklift maintenance requirements
  • Verifying delivery and walk-in order accuracy
  • Assisting in the interviewing and hiring of associates
  • Ensuring that proper ordering techniques are being followed
  • Validating current inventory levels for accuracy

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