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Attractive Designs Add Aesthetics & Value to your Home!

  • Attractive Design
  • Butt jointed corners for superior strength and paint adhesion
  • Bahamas features outstanding outward views and virtually unlimited widths
  • Bahamas can be designed for permanent installation or be removable in high winds
  • Hollow and solid blades for aesthetics and value
  • Hollow blade in Bahamas can span up to 53"
  • Solid blade in Bahamas can span up to 38"
  • Colonial hollow & solid blades can span up to 38"
  • Rapid installation of most Colonials with just one screw in each corner
  • Colonials can reach heights over 12' tall by adding anchorage
  • Rapid "Modular" manufacturing yields highly efficient finished products
  • Blade screw can be either standard T&C-Ultracote™ or 410 SS T&C-Ultracote, depending on environment

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