Material Handler

Before a customer places an order and before an order is scheduled for delivery, products arrive at Town & Country and must be safely and properly stored for future sales. From the time this product arrives at Town & Country to the time it leaves for delivery, a warehouse material handler is responsible for this inventory.


There are many responsibilities for a warehouse material handler, and it all focuses around the products that Town & Country offers. Whether they are unloading or loading a truck, picking an order, staging material to be delivered, assisting a customer with pickups or organizing the inventory on hand - working with product is what they do.

Job Duties

Town & Country offers a wide variety of products and services. When it comes to the product side of the business, our warehouse material handlers deal with it better than anyone. Some of the main duties these individuals are responsible for include:

  • Pulling orders for delivery or pickup
  • Loading, unloading, verifying walk-in orders and Town & Country deliveries before shipment
  • Loading and unloading vendor and common carrier vehicles
  • General forklift maintenance and reporting maintenance necessities
  • Tracking and monitoring inventory levels
  • Additional duties and responsibilities as required or assigned


  • Ability to repeatedly lift products weighing 50-100 pounds
  • Town & Country and OSHA approved Powered Industrial Truck certification (company training provided)
  • Valid OSHA approved forklift certification (company training provided)
  • Excellent customer service skills

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